The world of Azutar is a grand one. It is filled with all manner of people, from humans and elves to gnomes and halflings, and even among individual races there are cultural differences that are tangible. The land is also not without its dangers. Dangerous creatures have been known to roam the lands, from conniving kobolds to terrifying mighty dragons.

Our story begins on the continent of Eunora, specifically in the eastern coastal region. This section of Eunora is a very diverse one, home to all manner of races that manage to work together. While officially secular, the population centers do have a number of followers of deities, many of whom will journey to the Still Lake to the west.

The great capitol city of Steadport, which sits nestled next to the mouth of the great Nibenor River, was founded by humans, however it is home to many others and as the seat of power for the majority of Eunora it is naturally an attraction for a variety of folk from all over the world, and is filled with many different races of people.

Nearby, hiding within the trees of the Mylilune Forest, is the city of Fylvanor, home to the elves of the east. Originally one group, over time as druidic practice spread, splinters left in order to form nomadic tribes. These tribes have made their ways all across the continent. To the south lies the impenetrable hold of Khag’Darum, home to almost entirely dwarves, as the race tends to be wary of allowing outsiders into the city. The stronghold is said to have withstood the might of gods, and the hardiness of the dwarves that inhabit it is a testament to that strength. Dotted throughout the countryside are towns and villages of other races, though none as large as the aforementioned.

To the south is the Qavik Desert, and far to the east of that is the city of Tzarth, home to a great many oddities and cultural combinations. While not a city of criminals, many pirates, thieves and the like have found their beginnings there. It is a free and accepting city, however the limited space caused by the slowly encroaching Qavik Desert causes societal issues that threaten to well up.

However, despite the current cooperation, there are those who have sought to destabilize the region in order to take greater power for themselves, and the proximity of these major cultural bastions of different races is certainly one that has historically added further fuel. In addition, magic is something that is widespread in the world, and while there are many magic users held in high esteem, there have also been those who have abused its power, and as such, some are wary of the threat presented by a dangerous user.

Despite the collection of people in the continent, much of the wilds are left alone, most preferring to keep to the beaten path. And while this sentiment keeps the population safe, it also leaves room for dangerous foes to fester.